Neurofeedback costs the about the same as getting your child’s braces done by a dentist. In most cases I suggest we do a Qeeg (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) or Brainmap to determine how long it might take. It is always hard to estimate until we start the process of retraining the brain because that is what will tell us how fast a person will change. I suggest that an individual commit to around 30 sessions twice a week to get the best results in treatment. If it looks like the patient has cleared most symptoms by then we discontinue treatment. If some symptoms have cleared or decreased but not all then we can look at a recommitment of time in treatment. When an individual is decreasing medications throughout the treatment it generally takes longer than with someone that is not on any medication.

Most insurance companies do not cover Neurofeedback unless the coverage comes from a group policy that is not from New Mexico. New Mexico is not as progressive in how they cover modalities that patients want for mental health. I’ve found that policies that are from New York, California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Michigan and others do have coverage for some conditions using Neurofeedback. In Texas, it is required for an insurance company to cover Neurofeedback for the treatment of TBI. This is quite progressive because there are no modalities that actually rehabilitate the brain like Neurofeedback. You should check with your insurance company. I provide a receipt that you can use to file with your insurance company if they will pay for some of the treatment.

Insurance for Traumatic Brain Injury:
If you have had an auto accident or another accident such as sports, (soccer, football, baseball, etc.) where an insurance policy will cover treatment for the accident then it will help immensely. Many individuals have been able to receive help by using their auto or sports insurance policy. If there is a legal issue involved, the Qeeg (Quantitative Electroencephalogram or Brainmap) can be of great assistance in supporting their case.

Health Savings Accounts:
I provide a receipt to individuals that can use their Health Savings Account for funding their health care. This is a very good option and many people try to plan ahead how much they will likely spend to get tax free dollars to support their Neurofeedback treatment.

Find a Generous Friend or Family Member:
I’ve had many people put together their funds for Neurofeedback treatment by having a loving friend or family member help. Don’t count out these precious people in your life…many times they want to help.

Take a Small Loan:
I’ve had individuals that will do this because they realize they are at the end of their rope. And have tried everything under the sun to help and gotten little to no relief and it’s worth it to them to get their Neurofeedback to change their life or the life of their child.